Ye Olde Student Life

As a new feature, every week we are dusting off old issues of TSL to find humorous, revealing, or otherwise compelling articles published before our time. On April 8, 1939, TSL published this bit of “news” in a regular column titled “Marginalia” by Roland Mersereau:

Many of us have been surprised and somewhat repulsed by the recent news items which have been giving undue emphasis to publicity-crazy college students. The gag in each case has been multiple consumption of such various species of animal life as fish, worms, and the likes. One person at some unbelievable number of goldfish and another gent polished off a group of live worms for breakfast.

Not to be outdone, a Pomona College student took a bet that he could consume a live, unshelled snail. Running true to the spirit of PC, he bravely swallowed the wriggling mess, turned momentarily green, and smiled in a sort of “I-told-you-so” manner. As yet he has not suffered any visible ill effects, but he is, we understand, kept under continual surveillance.

Discretion forbids that we reveal the name of this talented youth, but if you see anyone walking very, very slowly about the campus with a sort of shelled look in his eye, you will be free to harbor your own suspicions.